Teenage Wildlife: 70 Years of Youth Culture on Eldon Street

Teenage Wildlife is a community engagement project that explores 70 years of youth culture and teenage experiences in Barnsley and the Eldon Street Heritage Action Zone; funded by Historic England and supported by Barnsley Council.

Over the last 18 months, Barnsley Civic and a group of volunteers have captured the stories, histories and images of Barnsley’s teenage past, celebrating both similarities and differences over the generations. So, whether you were a Teddy Boy in the 1950’s, a New Romantic in the 1980’s or an Emo in the 2000’s, this project looks at the similarities and celebrates the differences we want to hear about your stories of being a teenager in Barnsley over the last 70 years.

Using Eldon Street as the starting point for conversations, the project covers music, fashion, youth employment, education, cinema, theatre, pubs, and youth clubs. Behind the scenes, we worked with a number of local community groups, to explore the themes a little more in-depth and develop creative out-puts, including textile art, poetry and theatre.

Please download your own free copy of our project publication Teenage Wildlife Barnsley: The Eldon Street Issue, designed by Black Bee Creative.

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Teenage Wildlife

Project Manager – Jason White
Project Coordinator – Gemma Geldart
Heritage Action Zone Officer – Dr Tegwen Roberts

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories and images, including contributions from Barnsley Museums and Archives, The Tasker Trust, Barnsley Young Writers, Bluebeany Design, BMBC Targeted Youth Support’s LGBTQ+ Youth Forum, Chilypep’s Young Commissioners, Feels Like Home, Stephen Miller and We Great Ladies & Next Big Thing.

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